Team Businessmojos (Mojoers)
Meet the BusinessMojos team that is driving innovation, quality, and customer experience to help you deliver exemplary B2B technology marketing.
BusinessMojos Team
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Our Team

Businessmojos CEO

Jerry Jose


Jerry brings with him a decade of experience in technology marketing and automation. He has worked with technology startups, small and medium technology firms, and large corporations. He specializes in strategizing and implementing digital marketing programs, marketing automation and processes. Jerry has a Master’s in Computer Applications, and has completed his management program from IIM, Calcutta.

Businessmojos Teammember

Arun Manohar

Head-Marketing Operations

Arun is a marketing professional with seven years of experience, with a focus on the B2B technology industry. He has implemented marketing and sales automation for technology companies and has been instrumental in integrating marketing process, CRM system, and automation tool. In his current role, Arun helps sales teams with account based targeted marketing and personalized campaigns to deliver value to BusinessMojos customers.

team businessmojos

Arpita Bose Das

Head-Content Operations

Arpita is a marketing professional with over eight years of experience in content marketing, marketing communication, and corporate communication. She has worked with several organizations in the technology space and brings with her the experience of working with stakeholders across the marketing value chain. Arpita is a graduate of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University. She has a Master’s in English and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Communications.

team businessmojos

Sanjith kumar

Head-Graphics and Design

Sanjith is a passionate designer with a quest for acquiring new technical skills and providing creative solutions to design and UX problems. He is a creative thinker, a team player, a multi-tasker, and a hard worker. While Sanjith is adept at using any software design with ease, he prefers working with Adobe Creative Suite and making websites on WordPress.

Businessmojos Teammember

Durga P. Acharya

Head-Demand Generation and Inside Sales

Durga brings with him a decade of experience in demand generation and inside sales. In his previous role, he was instrumental in setting up teams and driving lead generation for technology companies. In his current role, he heads the demand generation and inside sales team for BusinessMojos. Durga has completed his management program from XIMB.

Businessmojos Teammember

Akhil Vinayak Khan

Head-Research & Solutions

Akhil leads the global content and social media research initiatives for BusinessMojos lab. His work empowers marketers with information on how to wisely use digital and content marketing tactics and beyond to achieve their marketing goals and deliver real ROI.