Managed Marketing Services
We are a B2B technology managed marketing services company. We partner with clients to execute agile B2B multi-channel marketing efforts that help connect with right prospects.
B2B Technology Marketing Services
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Our Story


BusinessMojos is your partner in managing all your B2B technology marketing needs. We help you maintain a constant touch with your valued clients. We believe marketing should never stop. It is a continued effort to keep an organization running its business. It is with this endeavor we work in close collaboration with technology product and services organizations. We help them plan and execute multichannel marketing programs that drive ROI.

We believe every client is different, and so are their needs. We, therefore, offer our clients customized solutions that are aligned to their short term and long term marketing initiatives.
- Jerry Jose, Founder, BusinessMojos

Why us?


With our in-house expertise and processes we can get your marketing campaign up and running, sometimes faster than your team.

Domain expertise

We have been in the B2B technology space for several years and helped address many marketing issues for our clients. Our people are experienced and have been primarily marketing technology in the B2B space. They are up-to-date with the latest in the industry and recognize key customer segments.

Know how

We design and execute technology marketing programs aimed at top and middle of the sales funnel. We help drive demand generation and lead nurturing through thought leadership driven content marketing, standardized processes, analytic tools, and earned and paid digital and social media. All these are powered by marketing automation platforms that further enhances productivity.


We are a technology-driven company and believe in automating processes to optimize productivity, yet maintaining a delicate balance of human interventions to keep your marketing machinery running smoothly. Our team has the experience and capability to handle all leading marketing automation and CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ZOHO, LeadSquared, Hubspot, Marketo, and more.


New age marketing cannot drive results without the right processes in place. Drawing from our experience in executing multiple campaigns for various clients, we have developed proven, in-house processes that help us implement and run multi-channel marketing campaigns for you seamlessly.

Analytics and Insights

We believe in numbers and facts that we collect from your marketing machinery. We process these data to derive meaningful insights about your marketing campaigns and strategies in place to help you take informed decisions. We help you identify the right market segment, listen to what your customers want, create right content to generate awareness about your product, analyze consumer response, and help plan your future marketing strategy.

BusinessMojos is a subsidiary of Damo Consulting,Inc


About Damo Consulting

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Damo Consulting (Founded in 2012) is a management consulting firm focused exclusively on the Healthcare sector. The company provides a wide range of growth strategy and market making advisory services to technology firms with a healthcare focus.

The Damo Consulting team brings enormous breadth and depth of experience in building and growing technology businesses. They have managed large growth portfolios and global operations for global technology firms, led successful technology start-ups and have been trusted advisors to C-level executives. Through digital and content marketing strategies Damo helps organizations develop their brands, demonstrate thought leadership, and achieve sustained growth.

At BusinessMojos, we help technology companies take marketing to a whole new level.

Explore the world of marketing with us!