The B2B Technology Digital Onboarding
Digital on-boarding enables our clients to unify digital experience for their prospects through every touch point for a unique buyer experience.
Digital Onboarding, Markeitng Automation
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Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding digitizes the entire process of approaching prospects, filtering them, and advancing them through every touch point to provide a consistent and unique buyer experience. An automated and unified digital experience enhances the chances of acquiring more customers and earning higher revenue. Digital onboarding is for B2B technology organizations who are looking for:

  • Integrated and unified marketing and sales processes and systems
  • Marketing automation platform
  • Streamlined experience for the buyer’s journey in the sales cycle
  • Modular approach to reusability

BusinessMojos enables clients to run effective, efficient, and agile integrated marketing by unifying their sales and marketing processes and systems.

Marketing action plan

It is important to keep your sales funnel aligned to your business goals and objectives. This helps in achieving your short term and long term goals swiftly and smoothly.

BusinessMojos applies a comprehensive framework to help clients develop a well-aligned roadmap encompassing inbound and outbound marketing channels. This digital onboarding roadmap provides a complete view into visitor-to-customer conversion sales funnel model.

Developing buyer personas

Right conversions require identifying the right customer profile or buyer persona. It helps organizations to send out targeted messages and guide each buyer persona properly through the sales funnel.

BusinessMojos makes use of customer analytic and marketing automation to create these well segmented and targeted buyer personas for you. We also help you nurture these buyers and turn them into loyal customers.

Marketing base setup and optimization

Your digital presence is more than just a banner of your existence in the virtual world. Using marketing automation, we help you onboard, integrate your web assets and social channels, and unify your processes and templates.

BusinessMojos takes a proactive approach in building web assets and social media presence that will give you more leads. We help you optimize these assets to increase customer acquisition and help deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right audience.

Disconnected marketing campaigns -> Lead leakages -> Confusion

We help connect all your digital assets and automate marketing.