B2B Tech Webinars Surveys
With our domain expertise, experience, and knowledge of tools, we help B2B technology companies run successful webinars and surveys and achieve their marketing goals.
Webinar Solutions, Survey Solutions
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Webinars and Surveys

Webinars and Surveys

Webinars and Surveys

  Webinars and Surveys

Webinars and surveys are increasingly becoming popular methods of communication with a diverse set of audience. It helps organizations to establish their domain expertise and create brand identity by promoting thought leadership content.

BusinessMojos has taken a pioneering effort in offering these as a solution to B2B organizations. Combined with our domain expertise and experience in the field of technology, we believe, we are rightly positioned to deliver you with the best.


Webinars are the latest content marketing tool to repurpose your content while establishing your authority in it. It also helps organizations generate leads, demo products, and train customers. By choosing the right topic and tools you can run great webinars.

Running webinars, however, requires great planning, pre-production preparation, and post-production followup. BusinessMojos has the right expertise, required tools, and the experience to help clients run smooth webinars. We follow a 8-step process to ensure everything works well to deliver the right experience for your audience.

Finalize the topic – Determine the format – Prepare the visuals – Prepare the promotion plan – Schedule a test run – Invites and Promotions – Post-webinar followup

We also help you select the right target audience and the required database.


Surveys are proving to be a great marketing tool for organizations to better understand their customers and prospective leads, devise future strategy, and measure user sentiments. Designing the survey right and preventing participant fatigue is crucial to the success of any survey.

At BusinessMojos, with our domain expertise in technology, we understand your needs and the needs of your customers. This helps us in designing the right survey for you, target the right customer segments, and create a suitable promotion strategy for you.

Validate research scope – Share project plan – Plan project excution – Share the research methodology – Quality assurance – Final report

Are webinars and surveys part of your marketing mix?

We help run an effective webinar and surveys.